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Lav Covers

Bubblebee Industries manufactures various products for protecting your microphone against wind and products to conceal your lavalier microphones, etc.. Bubblebee is very well know for its WindBubble, a large variety of wind-protective furs for lavalier microphones. Also Bubblebee has a great range of wind covers for (condenser) microphones.
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November 20, 2018: Bubblebee introduces The Lav Concealer. Hide your Sanken COS11 in many great and quiet ways.
October 17, 2018: Bubblebee introduces a new very small in-ear monitor, The Sidekick. Watch here an introduction video on The Sidekick.

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Bubblebee BBI-ILC-30FO

Bubblebee BBI-ILC-30FO :
Lav covers. Box of 30 hypoallergenic tape and 9 Fur - Outdoor covers (3x white, 3x beige, 3x black).


  • Designed to be Used Under Clothes
  • Eliminate Rustling and Wind Noises
  • Stick Directly to the Skin or Clothes
  • Hypo Allergic / Allergy Tested
  • 3 Black, 3 Beige and 3 White Reusable Fur Pads
  • 30 Pieces of High Quality Tape
  • Designed in Denmark by Sound Lovers, for Sound Lovers


The LAV Covers FUR OUTDOOR allow you to easily mount and hide your Lavalier microphones directly on the skin or on clothes.

Each package of Invisible LAV Covers FUR OUTDOOR consists of 9 pieces of fur fabric in 3 colors: Black, Beige and White together with 30 pieces of Bubblebee Industries' high quality Invisible LAV Tape.

The transparent double-sided tape keeps your microphone and fur fabric solid in place on one side and sticks directly to the skin or to clothes on the other side allowing the microphone to be safely and securely mounted almost anywhere.

It's all about being creative: under the collar, next to a buttonhole, or under the clothes in the chest area.The tape also has a small piece cut out in the middle of the tape, which is to be saved and used for fixing.

While the fur fabric can be used up to four times, the tape must be replaced after each use. Since the Invisible LAV Covers FUR OUT DOOR package comes with 30 pieces of tape, you will be able to do 30 mounts per pack.

Each piece of fur fabric and tape measures 2.2 cm x 2.2 cm, and comes in a reusable cardboard package measuring 8 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.7 cm.

Bubblebee BBI-ILC-30FOBubblebee BBI-ILC-30FO

Prijs ex. BTW: was: €12.95 nu: €12.95
( €15.67 incl. 21.0% BTW )

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