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TwinBubbles Off-White

Bubblebee Industries manufactures various products for protecting your microphone against wind and products to conceal your lavalier microphones, etc.. Bubblebee is very well know for its WindBubble, a large variety of wind-protective furs for lavalier microphones. Also Bubblebee has a great range of wind covers for (condenser) microphones.
Noyz Boyz Audio is distributor for all Bubblebee products. Contact us for all your Bubblebee questions, support, sales & rental.

November 20, 2018: Bubblebee introduces The Lav Concealer. Hide your Sanken COS11 in many great and quiet ways.
October 17, 2018: Bubblebee introduces a new very small in-ear monitor, The Sidekick. Watch here an introduction video on The Sidekick.

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Bubblebee BBI-T-L02-OW

Bubblebee BBI-T-L02-OW :
Twin WindBubble Off-White 35mm. 2x L02-WH (geen doosje)

BBI-L02: 35 mm
Gemaakt voor microfoons met een diameter van 5,0-8,0 mm zoals :Sanken: COS-11 (zonder metalen windscreen), Countryman: B3, DPA: 4060 (zonder metalen windscreen), Sennheiser: MKE 2

Bubblebee BBI-T-L02-OWBubblebee BBI-T-L02-OWBubblebee BBI-T-L02-OWBubblebee BBI-T-L02-OW

Prijs ex. BTW: was: €37.95 nu: €37.95
( €45.92 incl. 21.0% BTW )

Art. Code: BUBTwiBBI-6887

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