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Portable receivers

Lectrosonics is an industry standard for wireless systems and small recorders for the film, TV and venue market. Lectrosonics is well known for their robust wireless products. Robust wireless range, robust because they are Not Fragile. New products of Lectrosonics and imediately very popular are "The DUET" wireless digital monitoring system, PDR & SPDR small recorders with TimeCode and the RPS4 Power Supply. Check them out !
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Lectrosonics SRUSB adapter

Lectrosonics SRUSB adapter :
Adapter for SRc receivers. Note that Wireless Designer v1.3.9 or higher is required.

This accessory is only for updating purposes, it does not pass audio via USB and does not allow the receiver to connect with Wireless Designer for scanning or frequency coordination purposes. Note that Wireless Designer v1.3.9 or higher is required.

Lectrosonics SRUSB adapterLectrosonics SRUSB adapter

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