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Waist Straps


Ursa Waist Strap Beige L - BP

Ursa Waist Strap Beige L - BP

Ursa Waist Strap Beige L - BP :

Waist Large, Beige, 95-128cm, 100mm width, Big Pouch

URSA Straps are just 1mm thick. They provide excellent stretch, comfort & breathability with an outer surface that hook Velcro can grip to at any point. Big Pouch: Audio Ltd 2040, Mini TX, 1010, EN2 Lectrosonics LMb, WM, UM400a, SMDB, SMB, LT Wisycom MPT40 / 41 Zaxcom TRX & ZFR full range Sennheiser EW G2 & G3, SK2000, SK5212, SK9000 Shure AXT 100, UR1M Micron Explorers Audio Wireless (Small Transmitters also fit in a Big Pouch)

Prijs ex. BTW: was: €34.50 nu: €34.50 ( €41.75 incl. 21.0% BTW )

Art. Code: URSWaiWais6851

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