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boom QT

vdB (vandenBergh) is a well known manufacturer for audio boom poles for film / ENG, documentary, etc..
vdB has a great locking system which securely locks the position each of the 6 sections with one quarter turn. All vdB poles are made from a fine, light and strong carbon fiber.

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VandenBergh M-QT

VandenBergh M-QT :
vdB hengel 60/275 cm 6 delig 400 gr

6-delige carbon fibre boom. Minimale lengte 60 cm, maximale lengte 275 cm. Quick adapter. Interne CA kabel mogelijk.

VandenBergh M-QTVandenBergh M-QT

Prijs ex. BTW: was: €412.00 nu: €366.68
( €443.68 incl. 21.0% BTW )

Art. Code: VanbooM-QT1192

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