Betso is a well known manufacturer for TimeCode products for film / ENG, documentary, etc.. Also Betso manufactures state of the art active antennae for your wireless systems / radio mics receivers with a +18dB gain / or -9dB attenuation. The Sharkie antenna is greatly improving the range of your wireless system.
Betso manufactures TimeCode slate WTCS-1, tiny TimeCode generators like the TCX-2+, TimeCode display TCD-1. Most TimeCode products are also RF tranceivers and have the best TimeCode accuracy around. All Betso products are robust, accurate and therefore ready for professional use. Contact us for all your Betso questions, support, sales & rental.

Please see here a list of all Betso products in our webstore. Use the search engine below to fast-find your Betso product. Please contact us if it does not seem to be there.