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Hawk-Woods 48V-VL

V-Lok 48V Converter

Artikelnummer: HAWVL 48V-7733
New 48V-VL V-Lok 48V Converter 90W H150W H175W H280W N New!48V Converter New! Our V-Lok 4-way 48v regulator unit which offers high efficiency when powering 48v kit. This sleek, stylish adaptor offers you the use of four Hawk-Woods V-Lok 14v batteries, this is the perfect all-in-one solution for powering lighting such as the Skypanel S30, S60 and S120 at 100% output as well as other lighting which includes the popular brands of Litepanels, Brother Brother and Fiilex lighting solutions all requiring 48v input. The 48V-VL offers 1x XLR output, which provides the 48V output. You will require all four batteries on for power out on the 48V. Upon connecting the batteries you will see a LED to show available power. Once all four are successfully connected a green LED will show to the front of the unit, to allow power from the 48V output.
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