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Hawk-Woods CLB-MOV

Converter voor Freefly Movi Gimbal

Artikelnummer: hawPowCLB-6544
Designed specifically to power a Freefly Movi system from a Lithium-Ion battery preferably the Sticky Battery system ST-50, ST-98 which will eliminate the need to use Freeflys own Li-Po batteries which cannot be flown with! The CLB-MOV has a 30cm flying lead terminating in a Tiny Tap connector (Mini D-Tap) which needs to be connected to the D-Tap output of a Sticky Battery. Then connect the flying Movi cable from the CLB-MOV into the Movi to power up the gimbal. The beauty of the CLB-MOV is its ability to hold/feed a constant voltage into the Movi rig which means the Movi does not suffer from current spikes when worked to the extreme. This has solved many problems for the serious Movi user who in the past have s
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