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AudioRoot eSmart BC1150
AudioRooteSmart BC1150

6 bay portable smart battery combiner/coupler

€897,85 Excl. tax
AudioRoot eSmart Trio
AudioRooteSmart Trio

Advanced portable smart battery distribution system

€497,54€447,79 Excl. tax
AudioRoot vmDBOX-HRS-cc

power distributor for sound bag, built-in OLED voltmeter, 5-24 volt

€169,00€160,55 Excl. tax
Coga Sound BPSA_M
Coga SoundBPSA_M

BPS Clip for BPS ; Molle Clip

€29,16 Excl. tax
AudioRoot eSmart BG-DU
AudioRooteSmart BG-DU

power distributor met universal fuel gauge, 6-24 volt

€282,46 Excl. tax

PSC FPSM3PII; Power Star Mini Triple Play II ; Power distribution center for ENG use. 10Amp Max. 9 Outputs, Polyfuse protection and output filters, 3 USB outputs

€484,34 Excl. tax
AudioRoot eSmart BG-DH MKII
AudioRooteSmart BG-DH MKII

power adaptor for eSmart Lithium battery with fuel gauge

€211,38 Excl. tax
Coga Sound BPSA_P
Coga SoundBPSA_P

BPS Clip for BPS ; Mod-U-Lox Style Clip

€29,16 Excl. tax
Coga Sound BPSA_B
Coga SoundBPSA_B

BPS Clip for BPS ; Bag Anchor

€29,16 Excl. tax
Coga Sound BPS-HIR
Coga SoundBPS-HIR

Battery adapter - distributor for AudioRoot / RRC / Inspired E batteries with Hirose-4pin cable.. 3x DC output + 1 Output cable 60cm. Contains 1 clip of choice

€311,53 Excl. tax
Coga Sound BPS-TA4
Coga SoundBPS-TA4

Battery adapter - distributor for AudioRoot / RRC / Inspired E batteries with TA4 cable.. 3x DC output + 1 Output cable 60cm Contains 1 clip of choice.

€288,51 Excl. tax
Hawk-Woods NPD-8S

NP1 8-way display distribution adaptor for Data Batteries

€319,32 Excl. tax
AudioRoot eSmart K-ART
AudioRooteSmart K-ART

Location sound cart dual battery power distribution

€774,32 Excl. tax
Hawk-Woods APD 2
Hawk-WoodsAPD 2

Distr. Box; 6NP1 slot + IEC naar 4xXLR en 4x Hirose

€379,61 Excl. tax
AudioRooteSmart BC1150-PSU

15V/10A power supply unit for eSMART BC1150

€182,00 Excl. tax

Power Star Element. Simple Power Distribution Box for Easy Traveling or for Small Sound Cart Use

€950,46 Excl. tax
AudioRooteSmart BC1150-24V

24V/6.66A power supply unit for eSMART BC1150 built-in charger

€160,46 Excl. tax
Coga Sound BPSA_O
Coga SoundBPSA_O

BPS Clip for BPS ; Buddy Lok Style Clip

€29,16 Excl. tax

Power Star Mini ; Power distribution cente for ENG use. 5Amp Max. 6 Outputs each with LED monitoring, Polyfuse protection and output filters

€262,26 Excl. tax

PSC CartPower II ; AC Input power box w/ 7x XLR (10Ah / 3Ah per output)

€857,93 Excl. tax
Lectrosonics RPS4

Redundant DC Power supply, 4x 12/1.5A outputs with individual fuse

€1.819,30 Excl. tax
AudioRoot eSmart BG-DU-REG
AudioRooteSmart BG-DU-REG

power distributor met universal fuel gauge, regulated outp, 11-18 volt

€447,69 Excl. tax
AudioRooteSmart BG

smart fuel gauge, icm eSmart BPA

€146,77 Excl. tax

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