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Sound Devices MixPre-3 II
Sound DevicesMixPre-3 II

[9831] 3 XLR input / 5 track, USB streaming interface with internal SDcard, 3.5mm stereo output, max sample rate 192kHz

€975,00€926,25 Excl. tax
Sound Devices MixPre-6 II
Sound DevicesMixPre-6 II

[9832] 4 XLR input / 8 track, USB streaming interface with internal SDcard, 3.5mm stereo output, max sample rate 192kHz

€1.175,00€1.116,25 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-M2D2 preamplifier
SonosaxSX-M2D2 preamplifier

[044100] ultra portable dual domain preamplifier.

€1.525,39 Excl. tax
Sound Devices SL-2
Sound DevicesSL-2

[6449] Dual Superslot Wireless Module for 8-series

€2.350,00 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-VT 32
SonosaxSX-VT 32

main frame + master module + PSU

€15.943,20 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-ST8D/8R-C

Mixer with 8 inputs in compact 8channel frame + Recorder +PSU

€27.431,04 Excl. tax
Sound Devices MX-4AA
Sound DevicesMX-4AA

[7085] Battery sled. Holds (4) four AA Batteries. For MixPre series.

€57,21 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-ST 8D/8D-C
SonosaxSX-ST 8D/8D-C

Mixer with 8 inputs in compact 8channel frame + 8D uit

€23.445,24 Excl. tax
AudioRootFemto PSU

universal power supply Femto

€80,38 Excl. tax
AudioRoot Femto Pre-amp
AudioRootFemto Pre-amp

Stereo Mic Preamp, 48v ph, battery, ext DC

€475,75 Excl. tax
Sound Devices XL-AES
Sound DevicesXL-AES

[10292] Optional accessory for the Scorpio, 888, and 833 that provides 8 channels of AES3 audio connectivity through four TA3F connectors.

€225,00 Excl. tax
Sound Devices HX 3
Sound DevicesHX 3

[886] 3 channel headphone amp

€655,00 Excl. tax
Sound Devices MM1
Sound DevicesMM1

[899] 1-kanaals voorversterker, met monitor

€795,00 Excl. tax
Sound Devices MX-LMount
Sound DevicesMX-LMount

[7086] Battery sled. Holds 2 Li-Ion L-mount batteries.

€86,84 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-ES64 EQ
SonosaxSX-ES64 EQ

[042502] 6 channel mixer with 6x EQ module

€10.882,64 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-ES84 EQ+ADC
SonosaxSX-ES84 EQ+ADC

[042507] 8 ch mixer with 8x EQ module and ADC

€13.852,88 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-ST 8D/8-C
SonosaxSX-ST 8D/8-C

Mixer with 8 inputs in compact 8channel frame

€20.278,44 Excl. tax
AudioRoot uPre  mkII
AudioRootuPre mkII

Stereo Microfoon voorversterker, M/S dec, AES out, batterij (accu), ext DC

€701,46 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-RX8+

[044550] Dual Minislot receivers holder for SX-R4+ with rotary fader extension, MiniSlot Set needed

€1.946,88 Excl. tax
Sound Devices CL-16
Sound DevicesCL-16

[9836] Linear fader controller for 8-Series (833, 888, Scorpio). 16 P&G faders, 16 dedicated trims, additional rotary controls for bus. Ask for our best price !

€5.950,00 Excl. tax
Sound Devices MP1
Sound DevicesMP1

[204] 1-kanaals voorversterker

€655,00 Excl. tax
Sound Devices MX-USBY
Sound DevicesMX-USBY

[7087] USB-C to 2x USB-A Y-cable for powering from a computer. For MixPre recorders.

€43,52 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-ES64 B
SonosaxSX-ES64 B

[042501] Basic model 6 channel mixer

€9.768,80 Excl. tax
Sonosax SX-ST 8D/6-C
SonosaxSX-ST 8D/6-C

Mixer with 6 inputs and 3 blanks in compact 8channel frame

€17.177,16 Excl. tax

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