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AIRO by ktek ASM1

Airo Shock Mount 1, incl. adapter to fit professional boom poles & mic stands

Artikelnummer: AIRAudASM17180
When using a shotgun microphone, you need a shockmount to avoid unnecessary noise. The Airo Shock Mount 1 (ASM1) is enhanced by K-Tek’s trusted professional microphone suspenders that isolate the microphone from vibration and absorbs movement when the boom is “swinging”. These molded rubber suspenders dampen with exponential retention force. It offers the functionality of expensive professional shock mounts in a lightweight package. An included adapter allows the shockmount to be used on boompoles as well as microphone stands. The Airo Shock Mount 1 (ASM1) fits most common shotgun microphones and keeps them securely in place.
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