Coga Sound BPS-HIR


! Available approx. August 2021 !

The COGA Sound Battery Power System (BPS) is a revolutionary approach to sound bag power. Instead of splitting the power system between a battery and traditional distribution system, the BPS combines everything into a compact unit with a footprint only slightly larger than the battery itself. The BPS is compatible with any eSmart style battery, large or small.

The BPS is perfectly at home in every sound bag, from the smallest micro-kit and to the heaviest rigs. It provides a total of 6A across 4 outputs, each capable of delivering 3A. It includes 1 hardline output with battery telemetry and 3 locking DC outputs. All outputs are switched, with the option to disable for the hardline.

The BPS’ small size and compact allows to fit in places where traditional power systems are too large and bulky. It features interchangeable clip system that mates with the the attachment points commonly found on sound bags. These include Molle straps (K-Tek and tactical bags) , Mod-U-Lox (Schatler, Petrol and Protogear) and Buddy-Lok (Orca), as well as the Bag Anchor for internal receiver straps.

The BPS is a modular system that multiple units to be chained together. This allows the BPS to power more devices and enables battery hot-swapping, even mid-take.

All-in-one system

  • Powers multiple devices
  • 1 Smart Battery input
  • 1 Hard-lined output
  • 3 Switchcraft (761k) locking dc jack outputs
  • A compact design with a small footprint

Attach Anywhere

  • Customizable to every sound kit
  • Swappable Clips designed to attach to different bags
  • MOLLE Clip attaches to the outside of Ktek Sting Bag or any MOLLE bag. Compatable with 1 or 2 loop MOLLE
  • Buddy Lok Style Clip attaches to the outside of Orca Bags
  • Mod-U-LOX Style Clip attaches to the outside of Schatler, Petrol, and Protogear Bags
  • Bag Anchor Clip attaches to the inside of any bag with a receiver sleeve. Works with Ktek Stingray, Orca, Schatler, Petrol, and Protogear bags

Daisy Chain BPS units

  • Chain multiple units using Bridge Mode
  • Provides redundant power
  • Allows hot-swaping of batteries
  • Expands the number of outputs
  • One battery can power multiple BPSs

Quick Draw Battery Swaps

  • A battery can be changed with one hand
  • Batteries are held in securely
  • Supports large and small smart batteries
  • Battery data display always faces up

Battery Telemetry

  • Output 1 is a four-wire SMBus cable
  • Provides battery data to compatible recorders or other SMBus devices
  • Displays battery cycles, voltage, time remaining, and instantaneous current pull

Swappable output cable

  • The Output 1 cable is user replaceable
  • No soldering required
  • Multiple output connectors available

Fused Input and Outputs

  • The Input is fused at 6A
  • Each output is fused at 3A
  • Uses all self-resetting PPTC fuses




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Coga Sound BPS-HIR
Coga SoundBPS-HIR

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