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Coga Sound GP_SD_Mixpre10

Glo-Pots set voor Sound Devices MixPre 10T

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Artikelnummer: COGGloGP_S8150

COGA Sound GLO-POTS are replacement glow-in-the-dark faders for Sound Devices and Zaxcom recorders. GLO-POTS charge quickly in daylight or under a UV light and glow when the lights go down. Please note, Nova and MixPre faders do ​*NOT*​ require allen keys for installation.

Coga Sound GLO-POTS for Sound Devices MixPre-10 II and MixPre-10 includes:
(8) Mix-Pre Faders (4x standard, 4x reverse) (1) Blacklight keychain

GLO-POTS for MixPre are direct replacements for the original faders. They include all the same design features as the original faders, including textured sides for better grip and a metal tip for easy visual and tactile reference.

GLO-POTS charge under an external UV light source. For best results, use a broad spectrum light source such as sunlight or an incandescent light, or a UV-emitting light source like the included blacklight. GLO-POTS for MixPre are easy to install, requiring only a small pair of pliers.

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