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Hawk-Woods NPD1

NP1 Adaptor (DATA) shoe - 2x TA4 + master switch

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Artikelnummer: HawNP NPD17765

NP1 data power adaptor shoe

NP1 shoe for power out to the distribution box NPD-8S, offers 2x TA4 (mini-xlr) chassis mounted outputs. Using these connectors will allow you to draw more power from the 8-way distro box, meaning you can use each output on the distro without being limited to low current limitations of the Hirose. 1x TA4 connector is controlled by a master switch, meaning you can control the whole NPD-8S with this master switch, allowing you to turn off the whole unit including display. The remaining TA4 connector on the NPD1 is not controlled by the switch and will still allow you to draw power from the battery. 1x LED is fitted to show power on/off from the switch. LED will light when power is active. For cables from the NPD1 to NPD-8S please refer to LA-8 45cm or LA-8A 75cm.
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