Hawk-Woods VLM-FX9-15

Sony FX9 V-Lok plate 2x D-TAP met 15mm rods

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Artikelnummer: HAWVL VLM-7768
The VLM-FX9-15 is a 15mm bar adaptor suited for the FX9 camera. Users have the benefit of 4x Power-con (D-Tap) outputs 11 - 17 volts allowing further equipment/accessories to be powered. 1x 5V 2A USB is also available for powering or charging accessories such as mobile phones. Power is provided via a short DC jack cable via the FX9's DC Input which is regulated to 19.5v. A low voltage warning LED is also situated at the top of the fitting, this is to combat the camera as it will only ever see the 19.5v in the viewfinder. So no warning would be given when the battery is low. The LED will flash at 11.5v, giving you a decent warning to make a change.
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