Orca Bags OR-14

Orca Shoulder Bag with Built in Trolley

Artikelnummer: ORCVidOR-16656

Suitable for Blackmagic URSA, Sony PXW-FS7K, PXW-X320, PDWA-680, X400, PXW-X500, Panasonic AG-HPX-610, AJ-PX380, AJ-PX398

New  – The Orca Trolley Video Camera bags (Showing OR-14) are expertly designed to carry, roll and protect your video camera and all its related items. You can roll it from studio to location or anywhere else you choose to shoot. Orca Trolley Video bags are highly protective, with their external aluminum frame, internal honeycomb frame , layers of foam and EVA. The bags are versatile and easy to carry in different ways (via shoulder strap, or with the trolley system). The Orca Trolley Video bags, with the integral trolley system, will come in two sizes, each with 3 external pockets, LED light, padded shoulder strap, heavy duty wheels, strong trolley system & flexible internal divider system that can be configured according to the users’ needs. The OR-14 will come with a special “Top Tray”, covered with zippered mesh, allowing extra space for accessories and extra protection for the camera from the top part of the bag. The OR-48, can be used to carry any camera equipment or accessories

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