Lectrosonics SRc5P

Dual slot-in ENG receiver, wideband 76MHz tuning bandwidth

Artikelnummer: LecPorSRc56520

What makes the SRc and SRc5P different than the SRb and SRb5P?

  • -3-block tuning to match the LT, LMb, HHa, HMa and SSM transmitters, and LR and Venue 2 receivers. Bands A1, B1 and C1 are available. These units are fully compatible with narrowband units like the SMV, SMQV and HM as well.
  • -Tracking front end filters like the LR, VRT and UCR411a receivers.
  • -iR sync port for quick setup with LT, LMb, HHa, HMa and SSM Transmitters.
  • -SuperSlot™ compatibility.

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